คำกล่าวนายกสมาคมวัฒนธรรมและเศรษฐกิจไทย-จีน ในงาน The 3rd World Low-carbon and Eco-economy Conference & The 7th China Green Food Expo ระหว่างวันที่ 20-23 พฤศจิกายน 2557


     Your Excellency Han Quide, Vice President of CPPCC, The Governor of Xiangzhi Province and members of the Xiangzhi Provincial Administration, The Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of The 3rd World Low Carbon and Eco-economy Conference and the 7th China Green Expo, and members of the Organizing Committee, distinguished Guest


     On behalf of the Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association, I would like to thank all of you and especially the Organizing Committee of The 3rd World Low Carbon and Eco-economy Conference and The 7th China Green Expo for inviting the Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association to participate in this event and for honoring us and receiving us warmly. The Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association was established twenty-one years ago to promote and coordinate cooperation between the armed forces, governments and people's of our two countries. We are impressed by the advancements and achievements of developments in China and Xiangzhi Province. With the success of the Olympics in China in 2008, China has since been successful in hosting other regional and world events such as the Asian Games and most recently the 22nd APEC Leaders' Conference in Beijing which was a great success. These successes have proven the world acclaimed achievements of China in environmental recovery which has returned happiness to cities, towns and people.


     China today achieved greatly in national developments in all fields. The "ตงฟางหง" or The Red East phenomenon, namely the prosperity of Eastern Civilization has been apparent to the world. The world was previously concerned that the "ตงฟางหง" phenomenon would be paralleled with the dangers from polluted environment. But China has rooted out this problem which remained unresolved in the developed world. As a world citizen, we admire and salute the success of China in the environmental field.


     Xiangzhi Province plays a significant role as the front-runner in campaigning for thoughts and knowledges on low-carbon and eco-economy, as well as green food which is an important world innovation. The 3rd World Low-Carbon and Eco-economy Conference and the 7th China Green Food in Xiangzhi Province are testimonies of the attention and devotion for mankind of the Chinese Government.


     The late Chairman Mao Zedong had once said that the East must learn about western technologies and fetch and use them for national development, while being aware of their dangers. The major technological danger is toxification in waters, air, land and sea. These toxics destroy our health and lives. Technological progress ironically destroys mankind.


     Thai ancestors metaphorized the dangers of progress to a demonized figure in a Thai literature. This demon has a sacred power to use one of his fingers to wipe out sinful things. But in the end the demon pointed his finger at himself and was killed by his own finger. This metaphor reminds us, Thais, that the dark side of progress and advancements is the hidden danger. Therefore, the low carbon and eco-economy conference and the green food expo in Xiangzhi Province hosted by the Chinese Government this year will be a wakeup call for the people of the world to these topics. It is also a major contribution of the Chinese Government to the Chinese people, for the people of the Asia-Pacific region and for the people of the world.


     On behalf of Thailand who is a close friend of China and a world citizen, we are impressed by a great vision of China towards mankind. This is the third time that China hosts these environmental events. When I return to Thailand, I would report the events to the Thai Government so that our two countries would join hands together to further the principles of the two events.


     I would like to announce to this gathering that a big number of Thais are Chinese descendants and they have been the foundation of the close friendship between Thailand and China for over a thousand year. The relationships between Thailand and China at the levels of the Head of State, government and peoples are exemplary. As Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakkri Sirindhorn had described Thailand-China relations as "ไท่จุงดี้เจียซิง". I very much hope that the Xiangzhi Administration will send a delegation to visit Thailand as initiated by the Xiangzhi Administration four years ago.


     Finally, I would like to thank all of you and the organizing committee once agin for inviting us. I wish the dual events great successes.


     Thank you."